Fracking - the good, the bad and the ugly

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Good not really but many but lots of sarcastic points
Bad - plenty
Ugly - pictures of it.

Instead of a new car they will be spending it on chemo
Instead of tuition
Instead of gym membership
Instead of mortgage
Instead of trip
Instead of new clothes
Instead of furniture
Water refinement cost
You can heat your house by running your water and lighting it on fire
But do you want to drink this water?

Children undergoing chemo

What is the economic cost to health and tourism and delayed jobs in thorium and uranium mining versus the short term jobs in Fracking
Low education jobs compared to nuclear.
Hi tech workers are less likely to do drugs ???

We can be the world leader in leading the way and protecting the environment or be

Do you still think it does not affect you or your job?

Loss of job while doing chemo.
Pets get cancer and sick

Speed up evolution
Clean your bowels because you get the runs and have a tendency to throw up
Keep mosquitoes under control due to the toxicity of the water. Of course a lot of other things are going to die as well.

If you don't think it does not affect you

Medically how much does it cost
The government
Your school
Cancer kills productivity

Chemo chemicals in the environment

Instead of a new car I'm paying for chemotherapy

Nuclear - pros and cons

More construction jobs
Less cancers
Less mining
More areas kept green and thus more trees, soil and grass to absorb CO2