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Parts and Expenses
Proposed Development Plan

Invest in a Greener Future Today:

I need your help to get these projects underway. The simplest thing you can do is by buying a T-Shirt, a CD of over 500 of my photos, a marine life poster, a calendar...  I will then use the funding to work on the farmbots and also my underwater photography, initially by hiring students for the summer, or a co-op work term, to start finalizing the first design and building the first prototype. Of course, it would be great to if we could find a philanthropist to donate to this project. If we can come up with some patents that look profitiable then I plan on looking at forming a company to sell rights for use of the patents, and might even look at manufacturing various items based off of patents that arise from Farm Robot project, or the robotic underwater camera platforms & observation posts, and other potential projects.

You can donate directly to me, or you can help us by buying a 2009 Calendar, Photo CD, T-Shirt,... Donate a laptop, new computer ... machine parts for us,...
Email me at to talk about other possibilities. Note due to the nature of investments, partners, hostile take overs, I'm not really interested in promising any potential investors the world, when all I'm really interested in is research around the application of robots. This is the primary goal, with an understanding of the need to look at profits to make the research projects sustainable, but its not all about profit. I also don't want strings attached to what I spend the money on. We are hoping that some of the patents will generate additional money.

Or use paypal by using the email address

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