Nuclear Reactors - the new generation and our saviours

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Nuclear - pros and cons
First you should note the newest reactors, and the thorium designs, do Not produce weapons grade by-products.

The existence of Nuclear reactors of any kind can act at least as a cushion  after the collapse of peak oil.
The greater the number of these reactors the greater the cushion.
In fact if we had enough reactors we could make the collapse of peak oil acceptable.
Remember that Norway uses hydro power to generate fertilizer. You don't have to use oil and gas products.
And our only substitutes to cheap oil pesticides is a combination of natural controls [example gorilla mites to control mites], better farming practices and robots.

Nuclear power reduces human kinds impact on the environment by reducing those factors which have been causing climate change.

Nuclear power puts far less pollution into the environment and our water ways.

Thorium and Uraniuam
Thorium produces more than ten times the energy per gram, but some say sadly produce no nuclear weapons material. But I think most of us would say this is a good thing.

More construction jobs
Less cancers
Less mining
More areas kept green and thus more trees, soil and grass to absorb CO2