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Hobby Arm

List of Sponsors/Investors and Contributors  -  Funds raised so far:  $1100.00
                                                                     -  Goal $225,000 for 1 year and firrst Remotely Operated Version [ROV] of a robot.
                                                                     - Have your name added to the robots theem selves. Either on a plaque or encoded in the software.

Help support the site by Paypal, or the projects, by Paypal or other options. Your seed money will ensure that we can make a difference in this world. And have your name added to the sponsors list, and to the software and/or hardware depending upon your level of donation/investment.
Or select and sponsor a dive that you'd like me to explore and photograph. Minimum would be $150 for something local [south Vancouver Island] or $350 or greater for the north end of Vancouver Island or other islands nearby.

High priority Parts Wish-list & Donors   [None so far.]

Parts Needed for the Farm Robot Prototype and/or Marine Robot
Name or Anonymous
Laptop > 1 GHz with a Wireless LAN card ~ $750.00 US

4 x 180 Watt [or greater] Solar Panels like the Kyocera KD180GX-LP 180 Watt ~ $950.00 US each

4 x Electric bike motors ~ 250 Watt range like those from Bionx  ~

1: Wind charger - like the Rutland 504 Windcharger ~ ?

4 x  Water proof color cameras like that from Sony [from CrustCrawlerRobotics]  ~ $400.US each

1: Lab Power Supply 0-30VDC (3 Amps) with variable and fixed 5V and 12V outputs ~ $170.00 US

1: Digital Oscilloscope with at least a 10 MHz sampling rate ~ $700.00 US

Marine Robot parts - 6: SeaBotix AUV/ROV Thrusters or from CrustCrawlerRobotics ~ $1,600.00 US each

Marine Robot parts -

Scuba Photography wish-list

Name or Anonymous
Inon D2000 Strobe Kit - example sources: Backscatter , or Marine Camera Distributors ~ $600.00 US + $250 Brokerage fees
Need another strobe as presently I'm limited to about 6 feet [2 m] for a maximum distance. Any thing further away is not illuminated
properly by my one strobe.


Free or Cheap Used Digital HDV or HDR Video Camera and Underwater Housing ~ who knows?


Sea & Sea 1200HD camera and housing package ~ $600.00 US + $250.00 for wide angle lens adapter + $250 Brokerage fees.
This is a cheap video alternative. No RAW format, but video is 1280 x 720. Far larger than most others which are usually 640x480.


Gates Sony FX1/Z1 Housing Package from Backscatter ~ $7,515 US + $2,000 US in brokerage fees.
A true high quality video camera.


Canon G10 Camera [14 Megapixels] ~ $550 US + $175 Brokerage fees.

Fisheye FIX G10 Housing for Canon G10 Camera ~ $1,200 US + $250 Brokerage fees.

Fisheye FIX G10 15mm Wide Lens Port ~ $600 US + $175 Brokerage fees.

OR even better

Canon EOS 5D Mark II - possible source Backscatter , ~ $ 2,700.00 US

Aquatica 5D Mark II Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark II - possible sources: Backscatter, ~ $3,000.00 US

GPSMAP 620 by Garmin ~ $1,100

Financial Sponsors/Investors - Gold Level [More than $500.00] [One time investors/donators] This level of investment will get your name added to the hardware and software.

Name or Anonymous

Financial Sponsors/Investors - Silver Level [Between 100.00 and less than $500.00][One time investors/donators] This level of investment will get your name added to the software.

Name or Anonymous
1. J.M. New York, New York, U.S.A. Keep up the great work. And use the money as you see fit.

Financial Sponsors/Investors - Bronze Level [Between $20.00 and less than $100.00][One time investors/donators]

Name or Anonymous
1. K. Lam
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada Great idea, hope you can make it a reality.
2. A. Jones
Seattle, Washington State, U.S.A. Love the underwater photography. I purchased a copy of your first Mollusk Calendar, and love the photos.
3. C. Miller Toronto, Ontario, Canada "A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step." Confucius

Hardware Donors:

Name or Anonymous
About or What
Albacore Research Ltd. Victoria, BC Canada

Creators of ShipConstructor. The ShipConstructor software suite is a powerful, easy to use, AutoCAD based product modeling tool for ships and offshore structures. Fair, loft, model 3D structure, route pipe, outfit, nest parts, and produce NC-code all within an easy to use, familiar interface. Built around an SQL Server database, Ship Constructor offers up to date, accurate production reports at any time.
An older twin processor server perfect for testing a Real Time Operating System like Neutrino.
Brendan & Chris from Discovery Computers Victoria, BC Canada They have moved to a new location that is unknown to  me.
Claude King Canada
Various spare processors.
Doug D. Victoria, BC Canada Computer good for some experiments.
Eric - Unknown Government Employee Victoria, BC Canada Computer good for some experiments.

Software Donors
[None so far.]

Name or Anonymous

Constructive criticisms of robots or source of good ideas

Name or Anonymous From
Dean H.
British Columbia,
Develop "stupid" robots that can be easily controlled by people thru the internet to create jobs for those who normally find it hard to find a job.
From this idea it dawned on me that the best way to develop the robots maybe to start off with a Remotely Operated Vehicle [ROV] version of the robot then develop it to make it more autonmous over time. To eventually become an independent robot. Thus in the meantime we could develop something that works - with the help of a person - and thus bring them into existence sooner. With something to show we may then be able to raise more funds for more research.

Helped with site and/or made useful constructive criticisms of website

Name or Anonymous
  Dragonfly Web Design
Victoria, BC
Assisted with new web site design and layout.
Jon Knoll BC, Canada
Initial web page design.
Lynn Manheim U.S.A.
Helpful comments on making the website easier to use.


Some sources of knowledge and help with calculations

Name or Anonymous
From Ideas
Peter Driessen Canada
Showed through calculations that if we wanted to transmit information to another computer that it would take very little power to do so.
In effect supporting the idea what we could allow a central computer, or use remote control, to assist the robots to do their jobs.

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