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Biological Controls
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Biological Controls

What is a biological control? Usually a predator let loose into an environment with the thought that it will eat the pests you are trying to get rid of. Several of them have literally back-fired. Doing either little to protect the crop or just eating everyone else in the neighbourhood instead. Here's some links to such stories.

Bio-Controls gone bad:

'Natural' pest controls can sometimes backfire (Destructive parasitic wasps)
Mongoose : Sugar cane protector or just another bird killer
Mongoose : Supposed to kill a few snakes. Real victims - more birds.
Importers of mongoose ignored voice of caution.
Invasive Species: Amphibians - Cane Toads - They are NOT native to Australia!

Why I don't support some of the natural controls:

Releasing thousands of small predators into an environment is no different then how the cane toad problem of Australia started. Plus, you're wiping out the genetic diversity of the naturally occurring members of the same species. Genetically engineering crops to make them more resistant to toxins does not stop the dumping of toxins into the environment. It just allows them to use more herbicides to make sure they kill all the other plants. We need to have someone physically go in and pull the weeds and squash the harmful insects, while leaving the good ones alone. Robots are the only solution. I may be doing Computer Engineering but my fist love is biology. I really wanted to be a biologist but I realized long ago though that there are not enough engineers who are environmentally sensitive enough.

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