The Dynamic Nature of the Fabric of Space

: a physical model / theory & view of the universe

The Dynamic Nature of the Fabric of Space

Chaos rules? If this were so then mathematics would not work. We live in a universe that is orderly to the extreme. If it were not then the laws of physics would change from moment to moment, in a random way. Any reasonable theory on the structure of the universe must be based upon the physics of nature that we can observe, directly or indirectly, which is based solidly upon mathematics (orderliness).  And although an algebraic equation is a testimony to our understanding of some law of physics we must not forget that differently structured equations can be used to express that very same law, but from a different perspective and/or descriptive language (Metric vs. Imperial system of weights & measures).
     The dynamic nature of the fabric of space is an exploration into a model/theory that attempts to describe the fundamental nature of the physics of the universe from simpler concepts , and the physics of fluid mechanics. The actual mathematics are not normally used to describe every aspect, but instead the basis of reasonably well understood phenomenon are used as a basis for the portion of the theory being discussed or described. Actually this work is based on an old concept, but a much-enhanced version, of a luminiferous aether. One might be tempted to ask - Why bother? With most people who have had an active interest in this field being amazed that any reasonable being would even consider expending any effort on such an archaic and dead concept. Particularly since it was proven so long ago by Michelson & Morely, via their interferometer experiments, to be a conceptually incorrect idea. They did indeed prove that the universe they envisioned was not the universe we inhabit. But that is the key point; they proved that their vision of an aether universe was not supported by their experiments.
     One of the reasons to explore such an old idea might be to verify the correctness of the conclusions of such a historical scientific event. One that would "forever" change the beliefs held by the scientific community of our times. But alas this was not the motivation for this latest speculation on a far from forgotten theory on the structure of the universe. What triggered this latest exploration was partly due to the lack of physical solutions for some of the more basic questions about how the universe, or at least how some parts of it, appeared to work. Another motivation for this exploration was the ever-increasing complexity that is a necessity to support and explain the most widely accepted theories of the structure of the universe.
     All the major/popular theories have become so complex. Long ago treading away from the tenet of Ockham's (Occam's) razor;- "that most terms, concepts and assumptions should not be multiplied beyond necessity.". In other words any theory should in basis remain simple. A tenet that many hold to be a safe guide in reasoning.
     Nobody can explain exactly what gravity is or how it works. All those formulae only tell us what gravity is capable of - what it can do. Not how it does it. From the existence or non-existence of gravitons, or gravity waves, their discovery would still in no way explain how they work to unite bodies of matter. Even the most popular of theories are not so perfect as most of the literature suggests or adamantly states. Which is even more misleading to those of us who are not able to distinguish between concrete facts and just the most presently "popular & accepted" theories. Luckily for those of us who have not been turned off of, or intimidated by science, there are a few well-educated individuals that have taken the time, by way of writing and other means, to explain to the rest of us about the realities of some of those theories.
     Quark theory is one of those not so perfect theories that the average person with some interest in structural physics has been led into believing that it is an unquestionable fact. At least this is how it is portrayed in most of the literature. But luckily not by everyone. A quote from...
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Comparison of the two Cosmologies by Occam's Razor
Photon's Expand & Red Shift of Photons
Hubble Expansion & Red Shift of Photons
1. Photon's become red shifted for two reasons:
(I) In part due to the relative velocity of the source of the photons in relation to the velocity of the observer. Called the Doppler Effect or Shift.
(II)Photon's during their propogation of space expand naturally due to the physics of their propogation.
1. Photon's become red shifted for two reasons:
(I) In part due to the relative velocity of the source of the photons in relation to the velocity of the observer. Called the Doppler Effect or Shift.
(II) Photon's become red shifted due to the velocity of the expanding universe, the velocity at which various galaxies are receding from the earth is proportional to their distance from us. Not by the Doppler effect, but by a cosmological model relating recessional velocity to the expansion of the universe.

Note that the pdf version of the draft for the book has had the diagrams, sketches and pictures removed. The references to them still exist, and so do notes to the author about possible errors, missing information, and other general editing related information.
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The purpose of this series of pages introducing "The Dynamic Nature of the Fabric of Space" is not only to find a publisher to turn this draft [first posted on the internet on December 1, 2008] into a book, but it is also to earn enough money to pay off my student loans/debt, and hopefully raise enough money to initiate the Farm Robot Project. With any luck, and marketing, I will also be able to fund my robotic under water camera platform and observation posts. These would be used to both capture images of marine life, and also provide biologists with another tool to study life in the ocean. Along with this research, hopefully there will be a few patent spin-offs to generate additional income to keep the research and projects going. Presently I'm unable to effectively finance my own projects due to my student debt to which I'm enslaved to my student loan payments.

Along with finding a publisher I'd like to put out the word to mathematicians, physicists, or at least someone better at calculus & differential equations than me, that I have some ideas on the mathematics for the Fabric of Space atomic model. And that ideally I'd like to collaborate on some of the mathematics while completing the book. This would be a great opportunity for someone to start off their career, as the implications for both chemistry and physics are enormous.

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