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Bitmap Analysis

Present state of the first bitmap analysis tool

Thanks for the pictures, Mike. His site is at:
After having used it for a while now I realize the too many pixels are being shown at once. I have started on a 2nd version which will show more of the picture, less of the pixels and a bigger blow up area. Also I will have it so that the entire picture can be seen by using scroll bars on the side of the bitmap window. And also show the coordinates of the "drag rectangle." Click on the image below to enlarge.

Here you can see what some of the values are when comparing the bee as it originally was compared to the inverted image. Click on the image below to enlarge.

After using this bitmap analysis tool for a while I've decided that I will be altering it to show less values and make the picture and blow up window bigger. Presently the area for numbers is 29 by 20 pixels. I think I'm going to reduce it to 16 by 10. And eventually a scrollable area for the picture. So, that larger images can be looked at. Please click on the image below to enlarge.

My algorithm tester for primitive "vision algorithms". To provide a robot with coordinates of where to pick up an insect. This tool also times the algorithms and thus allows me to see how efficient they are.  Not the best of algorithms but at least it introduced me to the topic and allowed me to learn a little more about image processing.

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