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Insect Hunter
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Features of the Insect Hunter Prototype Farm Robot.

The Insect Hunter is designed for stepping over short (2-3+ feet) plants and targets slow moving pests only.

Feet can vary their surface area and change shape to knock off accumulated soil.

Feet can also take moisture
readings for better water

Hexapod form for stability
and minimal CPU require-
ments for control

Single arm with camera at
end of it, small manipulator
and vacuum tube.

Single arm is suspended
from a rotary base to
optimize positioning.

Solar panel for additional
power and battery re-charging.

All cameras are low power
CMOS cameras for their
color sensitivity and durability.

Why NOT Wheels?

Wheels would restrict the robot to traveling down rows, while the hexapod form shown above has no permanent forwards or backwards. So, if it were to see a few insects that were visible it could move over a row to take care of them and then return back to where it's path was diverted.

Wheels would also compact the soil and require more surface area to travel along while the hexapod form could step between plants. Some form of a wheeled robot might work better under some conditions such as in orchards. Another problem with wheels is with mud accumulating on them.

Suitable prey for the Insect Hunter are the following:

Foliage Eating Insects and Sap Suckers such as:
- Aphids
- Leaf Rollers
- Green Fruitworm
- Leaf Hoppers
- Web Worms
- Cankerworms
- Colorado Potato Beetle,

Concept Drawing of an
Insect Hunter - Farm Robot
Presently I'm working on a multi-legged robot based off of a robot that was called Odex. See pictures at bottom.
 Odex is a robot that has been around for over 25 years, and is built to be stronger than necessary.
My version would be built lighter, cheaper and weaker. And also with more versatile legs.

Insect Hunter Robot concept drawing
Odex Standing  Odex Stairs
A couple of different versions of the Odex robot.

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